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I would try tightening the upper tension and slowing the machine down to the minimum speed so it has more time to pull the thread up through the seam layers when making the abrupt changes for the shapes.  You might also want to consider if there is any way to go with less contrasting thread, maybe using shades of gray instead of stark black and white.


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I really do want to quilt this using a design I bought from Designs by JuJu.  It's cute and perfect but I cannot get it to stitch out without a mess on the back (see photos) due to my thick seams.  In my defense, I did follow the pressing instructions to the letter from the Fat Quarter Shop.  This is their free Bats and Boos quilt. 
I am using the blue dot case, purple tip needle, tried a size 14 non stitch needle and nothing seems to help.  When I stitch it out on a flat sample piece it works fine but whenever a critical part of the quilting pattern hits one of my bulky seams, it seems to pull the upper thread to the bottom in a long loop.  It even cut the thread once.  I really do want to use the continuous pattern but am not sure how to fix this.  I have done what I can to further flatten the seams and have stitched this out AND removed all stitches 3 times.  I really don't want to try again without some advice.  The bat's eyes in the pattern use very small stitches but that's not always the problem.  I do have Hatch so I can try to alter the stitch size but that's gotten me in trouble before.  The black back photo was taken when I was using a yellow dot bobbin but the long threads are still the same.)
Any advice would be appreciated.
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