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Goo b gone on a soft cloth will work with sticky residue. 

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I read on this forum that alcohol is NOT good for our hoops.  If washing with warm soap and water won't work, I wonder if lemon OIL (not juice) would harm our hoops.  It works great on sticky residue left from labels.  Lemon Juice did not work but the essential oil worked great.  Any ideas are welcome.

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Yes, I soaked it with lots of dish detergent and I used one of those green rectangles for scrubbing. (I can't think of the name right now.) I still had to use some rubbing alcohol to get the rest off. I have always had trouble getting it off. Maggie suggested using WD40 and I've tried that, too. I wonder if it is because the hoops are so old. They're from the 10001 so they're about 18-20 years old. Maybe the material was more porous then. I have not used my hoops for the 15000 yet. (Only once) So there's no build up on them. It will be interesting to see if the dish detergent works on them. That's what I would try first.

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Kathy, I don’t know why washing didn’t work! Did you scrub them with a dishcloth, not just soaking? I ask because I usually let my hoops get pretty guncky before I wash them because I rather like them a little sticky!
The sticky stuff I typically am removing by washing is the residue from double sided tape, and sticky stabilizer (I stick mine to the hoop not hoop it) and rarely have 505 on my hoops because I spray my fabrics and stabilizer before hooping them. 

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Thanks for that option. I tried the soapy water today but it didn't work very well for me. Maybe the 505 adhesive it too sticky? Or  I waited too long to remove it and the build up was thicker.

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Williams Electric Shave works great!

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Re getting sticky stuff off of hoops.
When I was a new embroiderer I used to use a very smelly spray that was designed for cleaning hoops, because I was told that's what to use. Yukk.
Finally I just resorted to filling up the kitchen sink with very warm water & dish soap, brand doesn't matter.
Wash them as you would a dinner plate, The hoops come out sparkling clean.


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