Re: Need

Ceil J

That's gorgeous too!  I just love how the simple quilted diamond center gives so much to the quilt!  And your border is wonderful.  Your friend did a great job too and it's kind of you to not try to one-up her.  We have a lull in babies among family and friends at the moment but one of my SIL's is a fantastic accomplished quilter and so I purchase a gift when she's in the mix.  I just finished a quilt for my granddaughter that was hexi blocks but she wanted a minky back so I took it to a longarmer.  Although I did make a mini version of it, I don't think I'll ever do a hexi block again. ;)
I have Hatch but am hardly skilled at digitizing.  There's just so much to do with these machines that it's been difficult for me to really focus in on each skill.  It seems I run into difficulty with every project so writing down what works is the only way to proceed now.  I did post about it but maybe put in too many photos but I did them small size but it still might be too  much.
I'm sure your friend will love and appreciate your work.  Lucky baby :)

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