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Thank you, Ceil.  The quilting was all done after the two borders went on…on my 15000 with 4” quilting guide bars. I draw two lines…the rest is ‘follow the leader’ lol. I doubt my skill for adding borders after quilting. 

I like a large diamond quilt on mural type panels. That’s a 2.5” wide gap. The panel includes everything except for the dark brown 1” (finished) border and the wider blue Jungle Babies print border, which backed snd bound the quilt as well. I loved the Jungle Babies panel…not so much all the brown, so I blue’d it up for the baby boy…my girlfriend’s son’s first baby. Lol.  But I needed a shower gift in a hurry so that was it. Then I got a look at the invitation. The shower was in Delaware (I’m in Florida) so I wasn’t ‘invited’ per se although had I been able to go, I’d have been welcomed. The DIL grandma wanted books instead of cards…so I made the reading pillow. Both embroidery/ITH appliqué designs are purchased but I adjusted the colors to match the panel using Hatch. 

The print is flannel…the panel and brown border are woven cotton. The pillowcase is my ‘design’ for toddler/travel sized pillows.  I make them to go with daycare/school nap quilts. Perfect size. Don’t take long to make. 

The quilt was a ‘nothing’ quilt…well, nothing that is particularly noteworthy or required much skill on my part. Lol. But we’ve been friends for well over 20 years so we’re all kind of ‘family’…theirs and mine. 

The baby shower snuck up on me. Baby isn’t due until well into November but the shower was set up for barely into October…November holidays and all. My friend’s house is being renovated so she didn’t have time or space to quilt her quilt (more twin than crib sized), but she did get it pieced. It was beautiful!!!  I digitized all the quilting on it except the center was also a gorgeous panel, so I diamond quilted that section at 2.5” too. In the pieced side squares, I quilted a moon and stars design, and in the top and bottom rectangles…part of the panel, I quilted my ITH clouds ‘block’ design (4 sets of clouds each top and bottom).  I created the moon and stars as e2e so I can send it to the long arm for edge/to-edge, or do all over QITH. 

I’ve been sewing for over 60 years but she has only been sewing for a couple years, so I am careful not to make things that might appear ‘competitive’ with her work, and babies need so much that it’s easy to make very useful but ‘skill simple’ stuff and let her do the intricate pieced work. Lol. I do enough of that for my family anyway. 

I don’t usually send pix since yahoo went away…storage being limited…but here is her quilt as well…so you don’t have to imagine…since I hinted at the quilting motifs. This is her work…not mine…I only sandwiched, quilted, made the binding (she cut the strips), and sewed the binding on it. The photos can be deleted so there’s room for more important pix. 

- Cat

Typos courtesy of autocorrect. 

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So adorable!!
Did you do the line quilting on the large piece before you put the borders on?  Beautiful work all around.

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