Re: Saving designs to work on both 350E and the 15000


I don’t have mine anymore, but the 350e used a totally different folder structure from the modern EMB, Embf structure.  The folder structure was Embf5>MyDesign>design.JEF. It could not handle any sub folders.

Also, you need to use a small USB drive of 1G or less.

I would recommend creating a separate USB drive for the 350e (format it in the machine).  Then use your computer to move over the designs.  I used color coded dots to keep straight which USB was formatted for which machine.


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I have been part of this group for a long while and have found all your help amazing….

However I have a query now myself… How do I save designs  that I have already saved onto my 15000  to sew out on a 350e…. I have an EmbF5 folder on my 1500 that was created  which when I open there is another folder which says my design and in this are designs that I have either created in Horizon or got off the internet. When I put any of these onto a usb stick and put into my friends 350e nothing comes what I am I doing wrong. I have formatted her usb in her machine before putting in mine to download designs. Also can I put any of my 15000 designs off the internet or designed myself that I have on my computer or in my machine onto her usb so that she can use them.. Hope you can understand what I am trying to do. Your advice will be much appreciated.

Regards Sue

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