Re: 10000, SD card, SD card slot

Kathy Skagen

I wholeheartedly agree!

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 10:51:29 AM CDT, Barbara Wolcott <barb2220@...> wrote:

Your knowledge of Janome machines and software always amazes me. You have advised on issues  I've had in the past. What would we ever do without you and your continued willingness to help?  Thank you. 

On Wed, Oct 20, 2021 at 10:18 AM Jim Stutsman via <> wrote:
Well this certainly stretched the limits of my memory of how the 10000 ATA card storage is organized. My previous reply about folders being in EMB is wrong - the EMB folder was added later, in the 11000 I think. However the problem is clear from your directory printouts. I'm assuming USB A (left image) is working, but B (right image) is not. That's because the 10000 ignores everything on the card except folders EmbF5 through EmbF16. I'm assuming that both machines are at version 3, as earlier versions had other issues with ATA cards. In addition, having extra folders other than the Janome 12 EmbFx folders can cause the machine to get confused and miss some files. This was the first machine to use cards created on a computer. At the time the machine software was written, the standard Windows format for floppy disk was based on a File Allocation Table (FAT). By using the same structure, Janome was able to make the sewing machine media interchangeable with Windows. However they based it on FAT12, which had serious size limits. (Remember this was based on FLOPPY disks.) Later FAT16 was adopted, to allow for up to 2GB on a card, but initially cards could not contain that much. You have to remember that this was early days in computer sewing machine technology. There was not a lot of memory for the machine's software, so it didn't do much in the way of validating card contents.

To solve your problem I would advise copying EVERYTHING off the ATA card to something else - USB stick or hard drive. Then delete everything on the ATA card. Copy back ONLY the EmbF5 through EmbF16 folders. New designs should be added to the card using only those folders. There are some tricks you can use to rename the folders, but you cannot do it in Windows. For more information see the issues of our old 10Talk newsletter in the files section:

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