Re: Issue after 15000 Upgrade

Cheryl Paul

My 15000 is in at the dealers now. I had the needle threader throw a fit and wouldn’t come out of the needle. I had done the up/down, locked the machine and pushed the button. The threader came down snapped into place and then jammed. It didn’t release easily and when it did it didn’t “to home”, so I pushed it into place. Immediately I got a message on the screen to “power off, raise the needle bar slowly, etc.” - can’t remember exactly what it said and didn’t have my phone handy to take a picture. This happened a few times and each time the machine made a funny noise, not loud but just not the sound you want to hear. I knew immediately as this had happened once before at another store, that also sell Janome and I know them well too. Their technician took my machine and fixed it and this would have been before COVID. She explained that the shaft for the needle threader and the one for the needle had crossed over, so one wouldn’t let the other do it’s job - at least that is how I understood it. So when this happened, I took a look, never touched anything, but couldn’t really see what she’d been telling me about, so I took it in to the store where I bought it. It was due to be serviced anyway, so it was no big deal.

This morning the technician called and said that it was ready - This is Wed. October 20 and I just took it in on Mon. Oct. 18th. I was only due to take it in today (20th) just for the fix. I’m hoping that the WHOLE service got put on the take-in receipt as this machine is too heave for me to more than lift off the counter set on the floor or on the next sewing table IF it is close. My hubby even finds it quite heavy but he’s a gem and carries it into the car, store and then does the reverse of all that.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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