Re: 10000, SD card, SD card slot

Jim Stutsman

The 10000 does not have the ability to read SD cards, but I'm guessing what you are calling an SD card is actually CompactFlash in an ATA adapter. The ATA standard is what the slot on the 10000 accepts. File folders on the 10000 are critically important, because it only looks in specific places for embroidery files:

All designs MUST be in a folder starting with embf.
All embf files MUST be in the EMB folder.
None of the embf folders can have more than 100 designs in it.

The size of the CompactFlash card must be smaller than 2GB.

Those are the rules that the 10000 lives by. If the new design is following the rules post a screen capture of the directory of the CompactFlash card.

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