Schmetz Super Non-Stick Needles

JoAnn Novak

   Use Dawn dish soap to clean them up.

  Works great,


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On 10/19/2021 9:51 AM, Kathy Skagen wrote:
I have used Schmetz needles in my very old Janome MC 10001 and never had any problems. I have also used Organ needles with the same results.

What silicon spray do you use? I wonder if it would work for cleaning my hoops that have some adhesive spray on them.

On Tuesday, October 19, 2021, 06:22:23 AM CDT, Lyn Quine <lynquine@...> wrote:

I have a Janome 350e a 12000 and the 15000 upgraded to QM and a 6600P, I have always used Schmetz Microtex needles in all the machines, including for embroidery.  I have on rare occasions used Janome blue tip for embroidery but only if I couldn’t lay my hands on the Schmetz.  I’ve never had an issue with them they have always threaded easily.  

I don’t use any sticky stuff because I have found that, regardless of how soaring with it, the needle will transfer it to the plate and to the bobbin area, I do have the sticky stabiliser but again that gums things up so stopped using that too.  I’ve found that if the needle got gummy a wipe down with a lint free cloth sprayed with silicon spray, not oil, that removes it easily, then wipe with a dry cloth and it’s good.  

On 19 Oct 2021, at 12:07, Ceil J <cjancola@...> wrote:

You're very welcome.  I have a lot of Schmetz needles but since I got my 15000 haven't used them in it.  I have a straight stitch only Juki and use them for that.  I'll never need more :)  But I also use my "used" purple tipped needles in the Juki too as they're usually still usable for sewing when I no longer want to embroider with them.
Love my dealer.  If he recommends something it will be great.  I've used the Organ non stick with some iron on batting that I bought years ago and with sticky tear away and have had no issues. Someone at some time said that Schmetz needles are slightly larger and don't work as well with machines that are designed to use Organ needles.  Whether or not this is true (they said something about timing) I never took the chance.  But having compared their length with a magnifying glass I don't find a difference.  Maybe someone else here has measured them.

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