Re: Issue after 15000 Upgrade

Mary Jo Hirsch

Kaye.  Janome dealer in Wiggins Mississippi who really understands the 15000 Ms see and sew is shop name.   Great people.  

On Sun, Oct 17, 2021 at 12:04 PM Kaye Lessard <ekay50@...> wrote:
I also had years with my 15000- my dealer was retiring a few yrs back and I had started getting this message but let her take care of her customers before we looked at mine!!!
Ended up after she tried many things shipping it to janome ! Came back & was fine until about 9 mths
Later Started giving me message again!!
Then Covid happened!!
I have been able so far to get error message rest!!
One time I noticed a small bit of thread caught in bobbin area! Removed it and it reset !!
Frustrating for sure!
I have to speak with another dealer to see if he has dealt with this issue!!
Really don’t want to ship as it should have been fixed 1st time !
Kaye in LA


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