Re: Question re: built-in designs on MC500e

Cheryl Paul

Kathy, Can you move them if you select them one by one? That would require you to enter them individually so they don’t become “one” design but many designs. Once you save it, I think they group and become one, so this needs to be done initially when you are working with the design. You know that you an do almost anything and everything with software, such as Digitizer MBX & V5.5 and Artistic Digitizer or other brands, because you have the capability to “ungroup” or “break apart” the design and then work with the elements.

I don’t have a 500E or 550E machine, so I’m really guessing here, but the embroidery is much the same in all Janome machines, as you know I’ve had quite a few but they all were combined embroidery and sewing.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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