Re: 2 things


I have never had to test this thankfully, but if you jogged over to align a design at the start, does Resume mode catch this as well?  Or does it recenter the design before it goes to the the stitch it stopped on?


On Oct 5, 2021, at 8:08 AM, favymtz <favymtz@...> wrote:

Re the Resume mode, if you have it turned on the machine should return to exactly everything that you had set up and were in the midst of using when you turned the machine off and then later try to resume the same design.
If the machine asked if you wanted to resume and you said ok(yes) and if something didn't line up it's likely that maybe the hoop had bumped something. ???
If you're certain you didn't cause the problem, then there may be something not right with the machine, because
If Resume isn't activated, the machine won't ask the question when you start up.

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