2 things

Joyce Daniel

1.Just an FYI to ck and re Check your machine. On my 12000, I was working on a fuzzy blanket. I had knockdown stitching done and then the name and Bible verse needed to stitch on top of the Knockdown (an Embrilliance software feature). I had to change my bobbin (next item) and when I put my hoop back in, the design was no longer on the screen to stitch. I ended up having to turn my machine off and start again. Machine asked if I wanted to start w the same design and I said yes and I assumed it would line it bk up where it needed to embroider the name, it did NOT and stupidly, I did not check to see where it was stitching first, which is why I say “ck and re check”. All in all, blanket is ok, not an order, and after washing, drying, fluffing it’s fine. J


2.My 12000 does not finish out a bobbin. Is there a setting I can use to get it to stitch to the end of each bobbin and if so, how and where do I find that setting?


Many thanks!! Joyce in GA


We are all tourists, God is our travel agent

who has already identified our routes,

bookings, and destinations…..trust Him always

and enjoy the beautiful life He has given you.

Charlie Chaplin


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