Re: Automatic threader probLem needle goes thru the needle hole but doesn’t engage the thread #file-notice

Barbara Wolcott

Good information. I, for sure, will try this. Thanks. 

Barbara Wolcott

On Oct 3, 2021, at 9:11 AM, Cynthia Dickerson <cindydickerson@...> wrote:

Something that I had read and worked wonders for me was to take my i-phone and take a video of the needle going up and down.  Then you can play back the video and stop it where necessary and reallly see if the needle is through the hole.  Mine was off and I had a screw that was loose that caused this.   I also copied the Janome 15000 repair manual off of the internet and there is a page that shows how to reset the needle.  Now, I am sort of mechanically inclined and not afraid to try and adjust it myself, which I did.  Mine has worked for a year now and I tightened the needle really well and it works every time.

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