Re: Automatic threader probLem needle goes thru the needle hole but doesn’t engage the thread #file-notice

Kathy Strabel

striplett3---My threader occasionally gets out of whack and looks like it is going through the needle's eye, but is not really going through. I have corrected this by getting down at eye level with the needle and using very strong magnifying lens glasses to verify if it really is going through the needle's eye. Each time, I have found that the threader hook is intact, but it swings ever so slightly to the right of the needle, missing the eye, even though it looks like it engages without the close-up, magnified view. I fix it by using a small, flat head (not a phillips) screwdriver between the hook's shaft and the metal piece that surrounds it and GENTLY pushing the hook to the left, back into position. It may take several tries to do it. You need a good strong light, a steady but gentle hand, good magnification and a good measure of patience.  THis beats taking your machine into the dealer if you can avoid it. Unfortunately, if your hook is badly bent or broken off, you would need a new part and a visit to the dealer.   Good luck if you try this!!    Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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