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Kathy Skagen

Hi Favy,
I have been following this conversation and I want to thank you for the  pdf you attached. Your information is helping me to understand the nuances of my machine, especially .ord and .stx.

On Sunday, September 26, 2021, 09:52:17 AM CDT, favymtz <favymtz@...> wrote:

I would love to offer you some more advice Julia, but let me know if what I write here isn't what you need!
When you say you want it to start at the "center of a circle" do you mean literally in the center of the applique, not along the edge?
Quilt #25 stitch is a little star, so are you asking if you can create a stitch that's just the star without the straight stitches that connect stars together?
If so, that stitch is available as an stx file in Horizon Link Stitch Composer, and it would be fairly easy to modify.
Are you aware that Quilt #24 is also a star, without the connecting stitches like #25? 
You can stitch it as a single design by touching the lock stitch as you begin to sew, or program it with a lockstitch on screen.
You can also modify the size of it to make it smaller or larger using the width & length buttons.
So, if that's what you need you don't really need to make your own.
Re: Is it possible to save a stitch design from the 15000 and modify in Stitch Composer? How would i do that?
The answer is no. The stitches on the machine are a different format, ord+, not stx.
As I mentioned, some of the stitches are included as stx files in Stitch Composer (and if you have AcuStitch if you've purchase it).
I'm attaching a sheet that I made with all the .stx stitches that you'll have access to in Stitch Composer. These stitches can be modified, but make sure to save them with a different name.
Again, let me know if I haven't helped with the right information!

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