Help needed Modifying/creating a Stitch


I am trying to modify or create a stitch for an applique project I am working on.
I've tried the Horizon Suite to create in Stitch Composer but cannot get it to stitch correctly.
The stitch I am trying to create would be similar to the Quilt #25 stitch on the Quiltmaker 15000 but
not be continuous but just a single design and would need it to start at the center of a circle (attached pdf of the circle).
I've tried YouTube and Diane's videos but none seem to be what I'm looking to do as they are more to a continuous design.
Is it possible to save a stitch design from the 15000 and modify in Stitch Composer? How would i do that?
This design would be used to applique a berry circle to the fabric and also be used to applique the center of a flower down.
Hope this makes sense what I'm trying to accomphlish. 
Thanks for any thoughts on how I can do this. 

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