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Hi Mattes!  I was hoping you would catch up and chime in with better explanation that I could provide.

And I learned something new!  I have been really busy with some things the last few months and not done much machine embroidery lately.  But  I just checked it out and the new quick display feature that lets me see the designs in the Files app is terrific. 

Also, I was not aware of the ease of managing a zip file or transferring a design to a USB from the iPad.  I have GOT to get one of those adapters you are referencing.  It will make me much happier with my 500e lacking WiFi capability.  Did you get it from Apple or a 3rd party source?



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Let's shed some light on the StitchBuddy piece - as there are some topics addresses and questions asked:
  • There are two StitchBuddy versions for Mac and iPhone/iPad with very similar (but not identical) features; a design can be rotated with both apps
  • Both versions are offered as free trials in Apple's App Store, only restricted when saving modifications = limited to designs with max. 1,000 stitches. This limitation can be removed within the apps ("In-App purchase") for USD 9.99 resp. USD 49.99
  • JPX files can be read, but not written by StitchBuddy; not a serious limitation as JPX files are just including additional background images (which will be ignored when importing), and all Janome machines accept JEF files - Jim, please step in to add anything significant :)
  • To rotate a design (or a part of it) relevant stitches need to be selected, first (e.g. with the menu command "select all"); then rotations by 45 degrees or individual ones are available in the "Design" menu on macOS or "Tools" menu (little wrench) on iOS; there is a dedicated "hoop" menu with numerous Janome hoops to select from
  • To transfer a design directly from your iPad to a USB stick, Apple's "Files" app becomes handy: You can copy files from StitchBuddy's repository directly to the stick; depending on your iPad and the stick this might require a Lightning-USB (female) adapter aka "Lightning Camera Adapter"). Here is a video tutorial showing the transfer process: iOS 13 Integration
Don't hesitate to ask further questions - transparency note: I'm the creator of StitchBuddy...

Greetings, Mattes

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