Re: USB stick 550e

Cheryl Paul

I have StitchBuddy on both my MacBook Pro laptop and on my iPhone, and iPad. I’m not sure that it will open files that are JPX. I’ve contacted Mattias about this but I’m not sure if he has done a update to this. I just opened my program and I can open a JPX file, but need to “save as” JEF as it doesn’t appear that I can save a JPX in Stitch Buddy, but that doesn’t matter as your machine will read the JEF file just fine. I’ve owned Stitch Buddy for many years and is wonderful as I can open my designs easily to look at them and edit them if necessary right in my MacBook and don’t need to go over to the Windows side to do minor adjustments or just see the design. It’s worth the $50 to have it, if you can afford it along with other expenses that we all have.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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