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On the iPad, you have to buy StitchBuddy from the App Store, not the StitchBuddy website.  It is initially free but will only work with stitch files of less than 1000 stitches.  To work with larger files, you can do an upgrade within the app for $9.99.  Unfortunately, it was several months back that I did this.  If you move the design file to the files app on the iPad, then I think you still have to export or copy it over to StitchBuddy. 


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Well,  I am unable to find an app for Stitch Buddy Pro for my Mac desk top other than a $49.99 version which there is no initial trial period to see if it will do what I ned it to. 

A search of the apps for my iPad only comes up with something called StitchBuddy HD which is the free version and also does not show a wrench or a way to change the frame size.   Also, there is no “Pro” version on their website.  So…once again I am confused and frustrated that unless I buy the $50 version I will not be able to even check to see if I can change the frame size.  Pixey, how long ago did you buy your $9.99 “Pro” version that shows a wrench in the tool bar?

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Hi Lindsey,
I think you should be able to do what you need to do in StitchBuddy. That said, I do have the $9.99 upgraded Pro version on my iPad, not the free one.  So if the design you are trying to rotate and save is more than 1000 stitches, your free version may not work.  You don’t say whether you are using it on an iPad or a Mac.  If it is on the iPad (which I have) bring in the design, then click on the little wrench looking tool on the upper right of the screen.  That should open a menu that has rotate as a selection about 1/3 of the way down.

Since the 550e does not have WiFi capability, the tricky part is then getting the rotated design back over to the USB.  I use an iCloud file folder folder to move it between my PC and iPad (or I think Dropbox would work as well) and then save it from my PC (using the iCloud app) to my USB drive.  I would also suggest contacting a dealer or Janome to see about getting a copy of Embroidery Editor since it was not included with your machine.  They may can send you a link to a downloadable version.


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Hi Pixey, 

I am having a problem with a design not showing up as you have stated in the last paragraph of your email below. You also mention “using editor software that came with the machine” and unfortunately, mine did not come with that disk, which at the time I bought it wasn't a problem because my computer doesn’t have a disk drive,  so now I need to find a place to download that software in order to complete my project. The design is such that it will fit easily in the RE36b hoop if I rotate it 45 degrees. The only software I have at the moment is Stitch Buddy (free software) and Embroidery Tool Shed (that I purchased but haven't found to be very useful).  Any suggestions?


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Thank you for these helpful hints!! Have not given up!!! Lol

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You will need to put the designs in the EmbF folder.  I am not sure what you mean when you say “the machine does not read all the hoop changes in the pattern”.   Do you mean different sizes? If so the machine will display the files in order of their required hoop size, with each hoop on a different page. So if part of the project needs a larger hoop, you may need to page forward to see the other design files.  If this happens, you are going to want to use the hoop that accommodates the largest part of the design.

I have encountered this with some Kimberbell designs where you get a crosshair design for lining up a blank, but it shows up for the smaller square hoop where the rest of the design requires a larger rectangular hoop, so it is on subsequent page displays.  But when I pull up the crosshair design, I have to go in and edit the hoop selection to put it in the larger hoop so it is in the correct place when I bring in the larger design to stitch out.

Also, you may want to check the embroidery field.  One drawback of the 500/550e series is that the largest hoop widths (200mm = 7.87”) are just a little bit less than the 8” width used by a lot of commercial designs. In which case the machine will not display the design because it exceeds the size of the hoop.  Sometimes you can get around this by opening the design on your PC (using the editor software that came with the machine) and reduce the size by just enough to let it fit in the hoop (then resaving it under a new name).  For ITH projects, this can be a little trickier and you will usually have to resize all parts of the design by EXACTLY the same amount.


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Hello, I have a Janome 550e(which I love), when putting designs on the USB stick, is there a guideline? I just started doing ITH projects, seems the machine does not read all of the hoop changes in the pattern?

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