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Horizon Link Suite:
To answer Kathy's question, she wished she knew "the best way to save what we create in HLS."
This may be a roundabout way of explaining what I think is the best way, but if it's relevant to whomever is reading this, I hope you can follow!

When Horizon Link Suite is installed it wants to install by default into the C drive.
Therefore the main installation files will reside in C Drive: (this path shows Horizon Link for the 12000 machine)

Within the folder are the subfolders which contain the built in embroidery designs and other operating files.
(I don't want to confuse you, but my current computer has it's main storage on the D drive NOT the C drive. And because of that my HLS is installed in D, not C.
And because of that, my HLS doesn't operate like most; my HLS Edit Embroidery is unable to open the "Design" folder directly when I click on it. (Instead it's just one of several places that I can choose)

When the user would like to access the files more frequently and easier, it's possible to also copy those files into a folder that's more easily gotten to.
So because of that, I created my new Horizon Link Suite folder in D also.
(Depending on your system you will need to decide which is best for you.
If your computer has plenty of storage space in C then make your Horizon Link Suite folder in C).
In the "Horizon Link Suite" folder I copied all of the built in designs and stx files. 
This is my working folder for HLS. When I'm working in Stitch Composer for example, after I have created & tested a stitch, I will save the new stitch in this working folder, NOT the HLS in Program Files.
There are mainly two reasons why I did this:
1) To be able to access the file system more easily when I'm doing various editing or designing tasks in the program. (example AcuStitch program can use my created stitches)
2) So that the original files will remain pristine. In my folder I can add to, change names of, etc. without changing the originals.
I digitize, and frequently discover that I can improve a design and so I do. In this case after I fix the design I rename it using my initials and save it in the same Working folder.
This design is one that  I modified and saved both the object file (I digitized the entire design to correct it!) and a Stitch file JEF.

If you just want to be able to access the built in designs to use easily in another program, maybe another brand of software, not HLS, and you aren't going to be altering them, you can also train the computer to get to them easily by adding the folder to a Library.
To set this up:
Just navigate to the folder, right click on it, Include in Library, and choose the Library that you want:
 I hope this picture shows clearly

When working in HLS, and you are in the Editing Embroidery section, the program wants to open the design directly from the C drive, Program Files....etc.
But obviously you can always navigate to wherever in your own computer you have other JEF designs.

Where to save the things you're working on:
According to my system I save all my stx files in my HLS working folder, NOT in the Program File.
Embroidery designs: If I corrected a built in design I save it in the Working folder, not in the Program File.
My main Embroidery folder lives in D drive, Documents, *(my name)Embroidery 

So, to sum up; my system may be slightly different from how most computers are because of the way I use my computer, HLS, other software programs.
But basically I have a new HLS folder that I can easily access, and is a copy of HL files, with my additions to it.
I'll try to answer further questions if you have any if I've confused anyone!

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