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I am glad it helped.  This is cute and a good first effort.

One tip on doing ITH projects…your selection of scissors is probably the most important part of your supporting toolkit.  If you haven’t already done so, you are going to want to invest in some with sharp tips that give you a lot of control in cutting in tight around curves and straight lines.  Curved blades, small duck billed, sharp points, etc. Also, unlike denser designs where you want to use the smallest hoop for the design to keep the stabilizer snug, with ITH projects you may actually want to go with a slightly larger hoop to have room to get in and trim around the outline of the project.  This can especially be an issue with the 500/550 machine because there is less clearance between the stitch field and hoop than some of the other Janome machines.


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Thank you again Pixie for your helpful advice,  finished my first ITH!!! Not perfect, but I don't care, I did it, and will be doing more!

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