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Yes, I was following your post, I know, after a few trials, you accomplished the task. Yes have to oil once a month, which if I had known, not sure if imwould have chosen this model. I have a long screw driver, I have my machine counter height, so it is easier to work with. Once you have the right size screwdriver it is much easier.

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Tericloth---This response does not apply to your query about using  the USB stick. Rather, it has to do with your MC550e embroidery machine. I have the model just before yours, the MC500e and it does a very nice job.  Does the Owner's Manual for your model say that you should oil the 550e once a month or so, depending on useage?  If so, have you run into any problem accessing all the parts that need oiling? I ask this because my 500e has a cover on the left side, which is called the thread cutter cover. This cover needs to come off in order to expose the workings underneath the needle plate  so they can be oiled. I have done this in the past. The initial removal of the cover was extremely difficult, as the screw holding it on is actually located deep within the machine and you have to insert a screwdriver into a hole on the bottom of the machine. The visibility in this hole is very poor; I cannot see a thing even with an LED flashlight. You're supposed to just insert the screwdriver and hope to find the screw head to remove it. I don't even recall how I initially did this. I left the screw out of the machine to make it easier to oil in the future.   However, my machine has been at the repair shop recently, and they evidently added that screw back into the machine.  I have a post pending to this Janome Group on IO, but I thought I might reach out to you to see if the newer model (yours) also has this problem, and how you went about resolving the problem. I am hoping to avoid yet another trip to the dealer just to remove a screw.   I do not do many ITH projects so I cannot offer any advice in that arena.     Thanks, Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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