Re: Oiling the MC500E


One other suggestion is to invest in a screw driver with a magnetized tip.  Like this one…

Thanks for the warning about your dealer replacing the screw after service.  

I was really hoping for a new release of the 500/550 design that would do away with this oiling and add wi-fi capability.


On Sep 11, 2021, at 12:38 PM, Kathy Strabel <ksbappa@...> wrote:

Jim--I am happy to say "Mission Accomplished" I FINALLY got that pesky screw out. It takes patience, which I was running out of yesterday. Also, I found that if you hold a light source BEHIND the area where the screw is located, with the needle plate off and peering into the dark hole in just the right position---you can see where the screw is located. But of course you won't be able to see it as the screwdriver goes in. Still, this gets you closer to the target with the additional light.    And, of course, this little screw dropped inside the machine as I was extracting it. I was able to retrieve it with a small magnet on a telescoping handle.   

The Janome designers/engineers really need to re-think this item!!!
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