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Thank you for these helpful hints!! Have not given up!!! Lol

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You will need to put the designs in the EmbF folder.  I am not sure what you mean when you say “the machine does not read all the hoop changes in the pattern”.   Do you mean different sizes? If so the machine will display the files in order of their required hoop size, with each hoop on a different page. So if part of the project needs a larger hoop, you may need to page forward to see the other design files.  If this happens, you are going to want to use the hoop that accommodates the largest part of the design.

I have encountered this with some Kimberbell designs where you get a crosshair design for lining up a blank, but it shows up for the smaller square hoop where the rest of the design requires a larger rectangular hoop, so it is on subsequent page displays.  But when I pull up the crosshair design, I have to go in and edit the hoop selection to put it in the larger hoop so it is in the correct place when I bring in the larger design to stitch out.

Also, you may want to check the embroidery field.  One drawback of the 500/550e series is that the largest hoop widths (200mm = 7.87”) are just a little bit less than the 8” width used by a lot of commercial designs. In which case the machine will not display the design because it exceeds the size of the hoop.  Sometimes you can get around this by opening the design on your PC (using the editor software that came with the machine) and reduce the size by just enough to let it fit in the hoop (then resaving it under a new name).  For ITH projects, this can be a little trickier and you will usually have to resize all parts of the design by EXACTLY the same amount.


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Hello, I have a Janome 550e(which I love), when putting designs on the USB stick, is there a guideline? I just started doing ITH projects, seems the machine does not read all of the hoop changes in the pattern?

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