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Kathy Skagen

Thank you for the clear explanation. It does help a lot and I am getting better at understanding the different formats.

On Saturday, September 4, 2021, 08:05:23 AM CDT, favymtz <favymtz@...> wrote:

Kathy, I don't know which "motif" area you're referring to, but I'll try to explain what I know about Stitches.
Decorative stitches are in many categories in our 15000 machine; Applique, Heirloom, Quilting, Decorative, Tapered, Long, Pictograph and Play are the categories.
Some of these stitches are also available on the embroidery side of the machine in the "Normal Sew" category of the Monogram section.
The Stitch Composer program creates stitches with an .stx format. 
These stitches are then sent to the sewing machine via the usb. to be used as decorative stitches on the sewing side of the machine.
The Horizon LInk Suite program that came with the machine has some of the stitches from the machine within it so that we can alter them if we want to, or use them as a learning tool to see how they've been digitized.
The AcuStitch program available for purchase (about $35 US) also has some of the machine stitches in it.
Any .stx stitch that has been created can be used in either the AcuStitch program, the Horizon Link Edit mode and the sewing machine.
They are not embroidery motifs unless these decorative stitches have been turned into jef files via the Horizon Link or the AcuStitch programs. 
I hope that this helps! 

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