Re: Long quilting patterns for 9850?


Hi Betty,

Many commercial providers offer digitized designs that emulate free motion quilting for squares.  They do vary in quality and understanding of the intended process.  They include Embroidery Library, Julia’s Needle Designs, Anita Goodesign, Kimberbell, Amelie Scott, Amazing Designs, OESD, etc.  (I have no affiliation to any of these, just different ones I have explored).  Some are single run stitch while others use a triple stitch or bean stitch to make the design stand out more.

If you wanted to create a custom design, then you need to have a fairly sophisticated version of digitizing software that will allow you to create freehand designs or convert artwork into design files the machine can read.  There are a number of these out there as well created by different companies. I have Hatch by Wilcom and an older version of Janome MBX.  Others are Artistic Digitizer, Embrilliance, Embird, the DIME (Designs in Machine Embroidery) software, or the Floriani Software.  Some of these will offer trials so you can take a test drive before buying.


On Sep 1, 2021, at 2:38 PM, Betty <Betty@...> wrote:

Thanks for your help. I would love to take a 9" square and have the machine do a quilting pattern on the squarte. I am only able to use small embroderiey tiches. I could do a free hand pattern but would love to program each square. Any suggestions?
Trying to learn a new machine.

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