Re: My 15000’s spa day

Cheryl Paul

Gwen, Your cousin might like a distraction from his wife’s illness, asking him for an opinion shouldn’t add to his stress. Also a call from you might be welcome, you can chat a bit and just find out how his stress level is before asking anything of him.

I would phone the shop where you had your machine serviced and just ask a few questions. I’m not sure what “clicking” sound you are hearing, but my machine clicks when I engage something ie: ask it to “go home”. It also makes the clicking sound of the engaging of the arm - like you’d expect when you push a lever. If those are what you are hearing that is normal. The needle threader however, could very easily go out of adjustment in travelling but that wouldn’t be a something that would normally happen, but I’m saying it’s possible. Let’s just hope that the technician wasn’t a “new” person on the job and didn’t think to ask for help if it was needed. I wouldn’t be to hard of the store, but I do understand your frustration as a hour X2 isn’t enjoyable when it shouldn’t be needed, especially when you may not have any other reason to make the trip. My city is only about a 30-45 minute cross over when you aren’t in heavy traffic so one can easily spend that time in a vehicle just going to visit someone or shop on the opposite side of it. If you decide to make this trip, take a friend along and go out for a nice lunch while they check your machine out - make an appointment first so that they work on it while you are there. Also do as another suggested and take some fabrics you typically sew and do a test before you leave the dealership. You might do this also when you get there to show them what you are experiencing.

Now, what you hope doesn’t happen is something that just happened to me with my iPhone. A friend was trying to call me and I didn’t answer, didn’t get her messages because there was NO SOUND. What I’d forgotten, was that when I went to church last Sunday 5 days ago, I had turned on the “silence” button above the sound control buttons. Totally didn’t even think about it, when I went seeking the problem - I went into settings and nothing seemed to be wrong there, when I pressed the “+””-“ buttons on the side, the sound level changed on my screen. I phoned the service provider and even when he asked if I had turned that button off, I didn’t “get it”, when I did finally “get it”, I felt so dumb. However, now I can phone myself to find the phone when I put it down and can’t find it. I’m just saying that I hope you get your machine problem solved, easier than the silly episode I went through this morning.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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