Re: My 15000’s spa day

Kathy Strabel

Gwen----Yes, it is frustrating that your machine has more wrong with it than before you took it in to your dealer for its Spa Day.  I have had similar experiences in the past, from different dealers.  My best advice is when you go to pick up the machine, take with you some of your own fabrics, a thumb drive with designs you typically use, stabilizers, threads you commonly use, your usual needle and a full bobbin. Do not leave the shop until you have set up your machine and sewn several samples of the type of sewing that you normally do. Embroider  a full design that is not one of the built-in designs,  make a small quilt sandwich and do some quilting, or whatever other kinds of sewing that you typically do. That way, you will not have made the 2-hour round trip for nothing. If the machine checks out, that is great, but you described several things that were wrong that had not been problems before you took it in. Probably some of those things could be addressed while you wait. Find a nice quilt shop to browse in, or take a book and find a Starbuck's where you can spend an hour or so while they re-fix your machine. There is no excuse to call a customer back to pick up their machine when it is not really ready for pickup. I am sure the dealers want people coming into the shops, but with a repair, you just want to pick it up and get back home.   If you are not happy with the machine once you get it back home, it does not improve the relationship between you and the shop. Be proactive in making sure the machine has been properly serviced, since that is what you pay for.
Happy stitching,
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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