My 15000’s spa day

William D Lawson

Hello everyone,

I took my 15000 to her spa day a while back. I just asked him to clean and check everything out.  I don’t think he even tried to run it or sew with it using the threader or the thread cutter or the embroider unit.

Problem number one- My needle threader was working fine and now it is hanging up as the hook leaves the eye of the needle. It is still working but it worries me. 

Problem number two -  every time I use the thread cutter, the thread is so tight in the upper part of the machine, that the thread snaps up and unthreads the needle.  When I just pull the thread carefully, the needle actually bends. I’ve tried using the adjustments under the setting tab but it still unthreads every time.  So frustrating.

Problem number three - when I get ready to embroider and I’ve opened the arm, the machine makes a clicking noise as it goes into position.  It embroidered ok but it makes the same noise when it goes back into the home position.

I did not have ANY of these problems before I sent it in.  I am beyond livid.  The Janome shop is a little more than an hour away and I don’t  feel comfortable leaving my machine again. Are these easy to fix?  Would it be possible for the service tech to fix it while I wait?  Has anyone else had any similar issues?

I purchased my Skyline 5 and my Quilt Maker Pro 18 with Prostitcher Premium from this shop.  My cousin used to work in his shop.  His wife is going through some health issues and I really don’t want to add to his stress but I also am not happy with my machine right now.  Are these easy things that he should have noticed?

Thanks in advance,
Gwen Lawson

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