Re: Long quilting patterns for 9850?

Dottie Newkirk

I'm not familiar with your machine, but just looked it up.  I'm "guessing" you want to use the embroidery part of the machine vs. the sewing part to do the quilting?  If you're unable to use an embroidery stitch that you like (built in to your machine), you might want to purchase a quilting pattern from one of the embroidery sites (Embroidery Library comes to mind and they have all kinds of patterns and sizes).  If you want to do it on your machine (manually), you might want to try stitch 5 under the quilt menu (page 1 of 4 stitches).  Hope this will help.  Dottie in Texas

New to the group. I am trying to do a quilting stich on the border of a quilt. All the embroidery stitches are too narrow and too much thread. I am looking for a simple wave pattern or something appropriate for a 2" border. Do not know if the is a way to find and import that type of stitch.
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