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Kathy Skagen

I am so happy for you! That is wonderful news. You shop manager is a keeper for sure! I had a similar problem with a VCR years ago. It was practically new when it started acting up. I, like you, took it in to the shop many, many times. It always worked well in the shop but not at home. We even had the manufacturing company's rep look at it. Turned out that it just wasn't playing nicely with my TV which was the same brand! It was a real fluke like your bobbin spacer and I wrestled with it for a year. I was beginning to think I was crazy! So, I can truly appreciate how happy you must be to have solved this issue. Now you can have fun with your machine again. 
Thanks for letting us know the outcome. 

On Sunday, August 22, 2021, 09:59:25 AM CDT, Kathy Strabel <ksbappa@...> wrote:

Greetings Janome owners:  A couple of months ago, I started a thread that generated a lot of comments and advice from many of you. I was having a recurring problem with a noisy, bouncy and rattling bobbin that would eventually affect the stitches---and drive me bonkers with the noise.  I just knew that SOMETHING was wrong, yet all of the possible solutions that arose from people who replied did not help my situation. Yesterday, I went back to the repair shop to retrieve my machine for the third time since March of this year for the very same reason.  When I would bring my machine home, it seemed OK for a short time, maybe half a design would stitch out OK, but the terrible racket would resume shortly afterwards, so back to the shop.  I even would set up my machine in a corner of the shop and do a test stitch before leaving for the drive back home.   But yesterday's outcome was much better.  I proceeded to set up my machine inside the store, and start a test stitchout, like always.  And, like always, it went OK for the first 4000 stitches or so and then the noise, jumping and bouncing started up---again!!!   The clerks at the store did not really know what to do, so the shop manager stepped in and spent a lot of time with my machine. He compared my machine to the floor model in the shop. Switched my hoop to the floor model, traded bobbin holders between my machine and the floor model, did all kinds of adjustments but my machine remained noisy and jerky while the floor model hummed smoothly along, with my thumb drive and doing the very same design with thread I brought with me.  About that time, the shop manager noticed something different on my machine, as compared to the floor model. There was an obscure part completely missing from my machine!!!  The manager said that he had never had to replace this part and he did not even know its name, but he took the corresponding part off of the floor model and placed it on my machine and the bobbin calmed down and we sewed out a couple of designs containing almost 10K stitches each without the bouncy, noisy problem.   I also set my machine to do another stitchout as soon as I got home and it worked fine--quiet and smooth. Yayyyyy.

Now, I know you want to know what part was absent from my machine:  the manager said it was a "spacer" that holds another part in place firmly. The other part is the silver piece on the bobbin holder that has the colored mark --either red or yellow. You cannot see this spacer when it is in place; it rests below the silver part, which the spacer holds firmly in place.   We have no idea how and why this spacer was not present. I bought the machine brand new from an authorized dealer, sealed in its box. The machine performed perfectly for 2.5 years, and the "bouncing bobbin syndrome" started happening in late January of 2021. The first trip to the shop for this problem was in mid- February of 2021.  We did not find a broken or damaged spacer floating around the machine's innards, and the manager said that the spacer is not a part that would normally be removed during an routine cleaning/inspection. No one else has access to my machines.  I can only surmise that the spacer was left off during the initial build of the machine and it took a (long) while to manifest as the bouncing bobbin problem.   

When I made my first post about this problem, I promised to post my experience and the results--so here they are. Any of you who have had a similar problem might want to ask your dealer specifically about this "spacer" piece. There could have been a batch of bad ones at the factory, or maybe one assembly tech had a bad day and forgot spacers on some machines as they travelled along to their work station??  I don't know, but I am very glad to have my machine working properly --and quietly--once again. 

Happy stitching to all you Janome fans!!!
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA        PS---The clerk at the shop was ready to just take my machine out to my car when I first came in.   Never, never,never leave a shop  unless you do a personal test stitchout BEFORE taking your machine home. That is my best advice. 

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