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Kathy Strabel

Lindsey----I also have the 500e which I purchased approx 2-1/2 years ago. I use it every week at least. It delivers beautiful stitchouts. However a few months ago it developed a very annoying  problem that I will call "shaking/jumping bobbin"   I have taken it into the shop twice and getting ready for a third trip back for the same problem within 4 months.   The dealer says it is fixed, yet after an hour or so of stitch time, the problem comes right back again.  Apparently this is a well-known problem as I have had responses on this website from others who have had the problem. Plus many good suggestions from the Moderator, Jim Stutzman. But none of these things has worked for me. yet.  I would advise you to pay close attention to the noise level while your machine is stitching. If the noise begins to increase over time, I would take the machine into the dealer. To verify if it is the bobbin that is shaking/spinning/rattling/jerking, hoop some transparent topping  or other see-through stabilizer in any of your hoops and run any of your designs. You can observe the activity of the bobbin through the transparent material and the transparent bobbin cover plate.  Put a mark on the bobbin so you can see the movement more clearly. I used a dot of nail polish.  I really hope this problem does not develop for your machine-----one person responded to my query by saying that she started to hate her machine and just got rid of it.  That option is not open for me at this time. It is not just the noise level, the stitches will become less perfect, more loops on top, bird nests underneath despite having all ducks in a row, with proper needle, stabilizer, fabric, threads, hooping technique, etc , etc., etc. . Very very frustrating.    Good luck--and happy stitching on your 500e. I love the convenience of an embroidery-only machine so I can sew on my other machine at the same time.   Kathy Strabel    Camas WA

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