looking for these curtain rings

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There are round, white plastic, sew on curtain rings now, but I recall that shape.  I have no idea who made those or where/if you can still get them. I prefer vertical blinds to curtains/draperies now that those have become available, so I haven’t sewn curtains in a lot of years so no reason to look at buying sew on curtain rings for about 30 years, and so much has changed, too. I don’t know if the round rings would work for your project, though. 

Shower curtain rings have some kind of clip or hook, since shower curtains are installed with grommets by the manufacturer, but you might find some style that you could sew on that might work, too, even if it has a small opening.  

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. If I find them I'll let you know. They are not in my local fabric/craft stores and google got me nowhere except for a roman shade hook (that would work) but its from Amazon UK.

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