Re: The Janome Forum on Janome website

Cheryl Paul

Kathy, I would say that you should wait at least one day - might be overkill but … if you can get on again that will be great. I’ll check to see how my log-in works today and get back to you later.

I used to go onto the Janome forum very faithfully, but haven’t recently. Pick a password that related to something you always do, like one of your kids names or something - it isn’t a place that requires lots of security for financial reasons - those are the ones I worry about keeping as secure as I can and still remember what the password is. Back to the forum - It has been a very big disappointment these last few years. No one seems to use it or care if help is given. I try to do my best, but I don’t own ALL the machine, just some of the top models and a “take to class” much less expensive one. I just try to answer as best as my sewing experience and machine ownership has given me over the years and try to use common sense in the mix of all that. If anyone wants an answer “quickly” they should join the Facebook pages for Janome - they’ll perhaps even get an answer from someone who works for Janome in some capacity. I recognize lots of “Educators” on Facebook and they offer lots of video classes - definitely they try to encourage you to BUY something and to VISIT YOUR DEALER. They do give very good information at the same time as all the commercial stuff that goes with it. I’m almost at over-fill and glad that we have been “set free” from the pandemic - let us hope that things stay that way and people “keep healthy”.

Good luck in your trying again.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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