Re: Washaway Thread

Ceil J

I've used Superior Threads brand (they might have two weights, both worked well) with no issues.

On Mon, Jul 26, 2021 at 9:17 PM June E Hudspeth <juneeh@...> wrote:
Does anyone have issues with "washaway thread"??????????????  I'm somewhat frustrated; been using on a Hoop Sisters project; and thread keeps breaking.  None of the other threads I'm using are doing this?  This just just started happening a couple of days ago.  I'm using cut-away stabilizer and Hoop Sisters "shape"; I'm making a beach bag.

Curious to hear if anyone else has these issues and is there a "better brand" of  washaway thread????????? I'm not sure what brand I'm using.

As always, thanks so much for any feedback.

June/Sacramento/formerly of Boston/Lynn (big smile)

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