Re: Janome M7 Tension Stuck in Auto

Cheryl Paul

Hi Emerentia,

I have a Continental M7 and I’m not sure what you are trying to do. The thread tension should change automatically when you click the up (+) or down (-) arrows on the screen for the tension. If nothing changes, try re-threading the machine both the top thread and the bobbin, checking to make absolutely sure that you are threading it correctly. I know you are an experienced sewist but we all sometimes just miss something in doing a very familiar task like threading our sewing machine. Listen for the click of the thread as it goes through the “take-up lever” as this is a very common thing that happens to us all. at one time or another. The M7 does not have that nice little door that swings open to check this, so telling you this because I have missed it a time or two and I’ve had the machine quite a while.

Also as there are little buttons to engage the “acuflex” function. These are important as you need them when using the acuflex feet, so that thing feed evenly. If you are just doing regular sewing with the regular feet this function shouldn’t be turned on - you will know as the machine will ask you if the “proper. I’m just trying to cover some things that might be an issue, especially if you didn’t get a good lesson when you purchased your machine. Lots of things didn’t happen during the worst part of the pandemic and even now that things seem better, they aren’t necessarily happening as one might expect - like “in person” lessons and classes in stores.

There is a Facebook Group that is dedicated to the Continental M7 Machine. This machine does so much that it might be to your benefit to join this group. Personally I find Facebook very confusing, but I do belong to a few groups and have started going on this platform just about every day - frustrating as I find it.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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