Re: About to toss this machine out the window!

Cynthia Dickerson

I will also give my two little cents here also.  I have been sewing for 50 some years.  Janomes for 30 years.  Maybe I have been lucky, but maybe I just do something different.  I have never had a problem with any of my bobbins.  When I wind my bobbin, I go slow so my thread is not to tight and I hold my finger on the side of the thread and make sure it goes up and down while filling the bobbin.   I dont want thread all pulled and piled up on one spot.  My Janome 15000 machine does not need much help but I also make sure that my bobbin thread is going on as even as possible and I try to always keep my foot speed even also.  I think a well filled bobbin is essential.

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