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Vikki Youngmeyer

I have the Janome 15000 and 9450 and both has USB ports. The 15000 also supports cable input from the computer. The scenario you described regarding the embroidery machine is correct. Once the design is loaded into memory it can also be stored in the machine for future use. If I remember correctly on the 15000 you should actually load the design into memory and remove the flash drive.



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Thanks to all who gave me their thoughts on various Janome machines and software.  Still doing some research on which model I will buy.  I am finding after having my Bernina V5 software for probably over 15 years there are some editing features that may be the answers to what I felt I needed in a machine with onboarding editing features in my next machine.  I am assuming (and you know what they say about that Janomes are all  USB compatible?  Do I download designs to a thumb drive and insert into the embroidery machine?  Guess this sounds like a dumb question but right now using older machines I am limited to floppy disks for the D1 and a cable between my Bernina and the computer.  


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