Re: About to toss this machine out the window!

Cheryl Paul

I really don’t want to carry this thread one message longer, but I do have an experience with pre-wound bobbins. About in 2009 a couple of friends and I made a little trip and we women couldn’t agree, which airline (4 choices at that time in Saskatoon) or travel agent to use flew separately, yes using 3 different airlines but managed to arrive in Indianapolis within hours of each other. The one who stayed the longest got to drive the rental car. Anyway, we did get to our little conference in Columbus OH that same day. The conference was a lot of fun, but not as good as the friend who had been there a few years earlier remember. We shopped until we dropped, overloaded with embroidery classes and much more information. In our purchases, we managed to buy some pre-wound bobbins - lots in a box. I used mine and didn’t have any issues for years. Then taking a class out in Humboldt, at one of my Janome Dealers, using my Skyline S9 for this embroidery class, and my stitches were way off. The thread kept breaking, nesting underneath and just a genuine pain in the neck problems. The technician a fantastic lady, tried sewing on the machine and it sewed just fine as a sewing machine, but the embroidery was nasty. She checked everything out and in checking the bobbin thread, discovered that it was not a consistent thickness. Needless to say, those bobbins have been donated on to a school for use in home economics classes - they will be very much appreciated there and work for plan sewing. These bobbins weren’t “Janome” bobbins, but they are the same size, thickness, etc as the “J” bobbins. I might have kept them for regular sewing but they are “white” and I sew very little “white” or “black” as they really aren’t my colours.

I just wanted to mention this as we didn’t go into thread thickness and/or thickness consistency on a bobbin.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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