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Bobbin thread depending on the brand is usually 60wt or thinner. 40wt is not usually used as bobbin thread . 40wt is for top sewing and embroidery threads. The higher the number the thinner the thread. The lower the number the thicker the thread which is usually used for top stitching or decorative stitching.

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Roberta---Well,  that is not very encouraging. I was thinking I would replace all my generic, pre-wound bobbins out for only Janome branded ones and wind them a bit slower and it would probably improve this issue. But your experience says different.Still, after closely examining a bunch of the generic pre-wounds I have in my possession, I have decided to order some Janome "J" bobbins and a cone of 40 wt bobbin thread. For a start.  The rest of my decision will be coming after I have been stitching for a while with the Janome bobbins and not pre-wound.  There ore so many variables with embroidery!!!
kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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Hi Kathy and everybody, 

Is it possible that you are ordering the wrong part number? Just a thought. 

I have had the same issue with the bouncing bobbin, but I then realized that I was using generic bobbins rather than Janome. That improved things a lot.

Also, could there be a problem with the bobbin winder tension? 
I have also noticed that sometimes, with Janome prewound bobbins, the bobbins are not wound properly, which changes the tension on the thread. Even with winding my own bobbins, I have noticed that the same thing can happen.

Roberta in FL

Have a good one!
Kathy Strabel

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