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Hi Lorrie,
Welcome to the group. I have both the 15000 and the 500e and the S9 (which is a smaller version of the 15000) and they are all good machines with their individual idiosyncrasies.  Part of deciding which machine to get should be based on the type of machine embroidery you want to explore.  If you are looking at doing larger quilting style projects, the 15000 is the better machine because it has the larger throat area and rear drive system.  Plus a better quilting specific hoop.  But I find for garment or smaller machine embroidery projects (like placemats or craft projects), the 500e is often the better machine.

You mentioned the built in editor.  Both machines are similar in that respect.  They also come with a basic editor software that can be loaded on a PC.

A couple of things that to me are key differences between them from the mach8ne embroidery perspective…
The hoops for the 500e are much more compact and easy to handle when doing in-the-hoop or appliqué projects than those of the 15000.  There is also much less wasted stabilizer.  Also you may want to consider machine footprint needs.  Because the 15000 is larger and drives hoops from the back of the machine, you need a much larger table and space behind the machine than for the 500e.  The 500e is also much lighter for taking to classes or workshops than the 15000.  That said, it does not fit well in most sewing machine carriers.  The weight and size of the 15000 just was not practical for me to take on the road, which was why I ended up getting the S9 for workshops.

In terms of hoop size, I considered going up to the 550e, but I really like the RE28 hoop of the 500e and find it sufficiently large for most of my projects.  There are a lot of times that bigger is not necessarily better.  If I were to get a 550e, I would definitely want the “optional” RE28 hoop in addition to the larger one it comes with.  Also, the dimensions of the 500e and 550e hoops more closely align to the sizes of many commercially available designs.  

A couple of other differences on the technical side.  I find that the 500e is not quite as smooth and quiet as the 15000.  However, it is not as loud as some of the other popular machine brands that people bring to the embroidery clubs at my sewing store.  Also, the maintenance requirements of the 15000 are minimal, but the 500e does require regular oiling at a number of points and include tipping the machine on end and removing covers.  There are some YouTube videos that show the oiling requirements that are very helpful or you can get your dealer to show you how to do it the first time (which is what I did).

Also, you may not realize it but there are several different versions of the 15000 floating around in the used machine market.  I skipped the 15000 version 1 but from what others have said in the past, it sometimes had problems with the automatic needle threader.  I bought a 15000 version 2 machine and then had it upgraded by my dealer to the same functionality as a version 3 machine (which came out shortly afterward and had some additional needle threader improvements and additional feet and specific functionality for quilting and ruler work).

Finally, you can load 3rd party designs onto the 500e by directly connecting the machine to a PC or using a USB thumb drive.  The 15000 offers the additional option of connecting wirelessly to your PC.

I hope this gives you a sense of some of the contrasts between the two machines.  If you have other specific questions, toss them out and I or other 500e owners can answer them.


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Good morning to all.  Thanks for letting me join.  I do not currently own a Janome, hence my reason for joining your group.  I am thinking about purchasing a 500E embroidery only machine.
My current machines are Viking Designer 1, and Bernina 180. I have never owned a Janome and have seen a few of the MC 15000 for sale locally.  They still have a hefty price tag of around $5,000.  I would like to stay under $3,000.00
I like the 500E .  One of the features is onboard editing.  I do own some older Bernina software that has some editing features, just alot of steps to accomplish removing or adding to a design.
Any advice will be much appreciated.  

Lorrie K.

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