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Kathy Strabel

Roberta---Well,  that is not very encouraging. I was thinking I would replace all my generic, pre-wound bobbins out for only Janome branded ones and wind them a bit slower and it would probably improve this issue. But your experience says different.Still, after closely examining a bunch of the generic pre-wounds I have in my possession, I have decided to order some Janome "J" bobbins and a cone of 40 wt bobbin thread. For a start.  The rest of my decision will be coming after I have been stitching for a while with the Janome bobbins and not pre-wound.  There ore so many variables with embroidery!!!
kathy Strabel   Camas WA

On Thu, Jul 22, 2021 at 8:04 AM Roberta K via <> wrote:
Hi Kathy and everybody, 

Is it possible that you are ordering the wrong part number? Just a thought. 

I have had the same issue with the bouncing bobbin, but I then realized that I was using generic bobbins rather than Janome. That improved things a lot.

Also, could there be a problem with the bobbin winder tension? 
I have also noticed that sometimes, with Janome prewound bobbins, the bobbins are not wound properly, which changes the tension on the thread. Even with winding my own bobbins, I have noticed that the same thing can happen.

Roberta in FL

Have a good one!
Kathy Strabel

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