Re: About to toss this machine out the window!

Cheryl Paul

Cat, A tiny bit of thread ALWAYS remains when you wind a bobbin. It is impossible to not have this IF one follows the exact directions of winding a bobbin and now there are 2 ways. On the new machines, in the videos I have you wind the thread on the bobbin counter clockwise and use the cutter blade under the bobbin to cut the excess thread off, or the old way of putting the thread through the little hole on the top of the bobbin, winding several rounds and cutting it off with a good small scissors. Either way there is always a wee bit of thread poking out. I try to cut it off as close as possible and that works for me. Maybe my many machines in the past 35+ years have just been good to me as I’ve not had problems. When I did have problems was if I didn’t remember to cut the thread and that was with my 11000 - don’t know what the memory lapse was there but …

Lynn, I don’t know if you are aware but the new Continental M7 has a yellow bobbin case and it is very different from the “yellow dot” for embroidery on the 15000, S9 and a few other embroidery machines made by Janome. It doesn’t have that little metal part on the top and has a hole through the side for a light to check for the remaining thread on the bobbin. If you by change got those bobbin cases, that might be the issue. You’ll have to check the part numbers on the Janome website. I can see why you would be confused as all your other bobbin cases seem to work just fine. I’m sure that from time to time a “bad batch” do get out for sale. I was told by our former Janome Educator who has been through the factory many times in Japan that there are very stringent controls and checks made before things leave the factory, but small parts may not get the same checks that the machines do.

I hope everything on this particular thread gets solved soon, as we seem to have tried almost everything imaginable to get us all up and running and happy again.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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