Thread cutter

William D Lawson

Well, I got my machine back from my dealer.  I took it in to be cleaned and checked out. I was not having any issues with it at all.  Just thought it needed a spa day.

Now when I use the thread cutter, the thread cuts so short that the needle comes unthreaded every time!  I did notice that the thread is very taut and it stretches out when cut and snaps up to unthread the needle. What do I do?  Should I loosen the top thread so the needle stays threaded? Or just not use it.   I never had this problem before. I loved my thread cutter.  I did retread the machine but it didn’t make a difference.

He also said he adjusted my needle threader. There was nothing wrong with my needle threader.  It was working just fine. Now it gets caught just a little bit while threading and makes a little click. 

My dealer is an hour away so I don’t want to make that trip if it is not necessary.  Thanks in advance for all your assistance,  
‘Gwen Lawson. 

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