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Here is a photo of the teeny tiny bobbin thread tail that I find on Janome prewound bobbins that causes my 15000 to make bobbin noise.  The thread tail is really hard to see in the image where I was cutting it with the tiny point scissors, but the points of the scissor blade points are at the base of the thread next to bulk of bobbin thread.  I looked carefully at this thread when I saw it today.  This is the leading end of bobbin thread from the spool that was threaded into the bobbin just before the bobbin was wound...not a random thread...I just never see it after trimming it because it just pulls out when the bobbin runs out.  It only seems to cause noise when it hangs outside the physical area of the bobbin.  It was purely accidental that the bobbin I am sewing with today showed this teeny tine thread end.

- Cat (FL)

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You might look carefully at a noisy bobbin or one that gets noisy for no apparent reason, especially prewound, to make sure there isn’t teeny tiny thread end sticking out anywhere. I only buy Janome prewounds, which have worked well for me, but for some reason, I have found several having a teeny tiny thread sticking out partway through the bobbin thread being used up and usually near top or bottom of the bobbin.  It’s not a thread end, meaning that it’s not a new, separate length of thread or that it signifies a break in the continuous bobbin thread, so I don’t understand where they come from…guessing it’s some stray bit from a previous bobbin that was wound on the same winder…but even if the thread is so teeny tiny that it looks ‘harmless’ enough not to worry about, I trim it as far back toward the bobbin as possible with tiny pointed scissors and the noisy bobbin sound goes away…at least so far it has. 

- Cat

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