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Kathy Strabel

Roberta----Yes, A Hall of Fame/Shame would be a good idea, but it is always prudent to do a test stitchout, especially on any new design you acquire. Most, if not all, online sellers do not offer money back if not satisfied----I totally "get" that from a seller point of view due to the potential for abuse there. I generally stick to the larger, more prominent online purveyors of designs and I assume that any machine-affiliated design cards or downloads would meet strict quality control. I simply do not have the time or patience to learn digitizing at this stage of my life. The vast array of pre-digitized designs is quite adequate for my needs and software offers a lot of editing options. And some of the fancier machines even have a function where the operator only needs to scan a certain type of image and the machine will digitize that image into an embroidery file. ( I don't know if it is really just that simple, but I have heard of this function from several sources...)   So, even without possessing digitizing skills, we embroiderers have a huge amount of designs to choose from.  We need to be proactive by testing first. I save my test pieces for possible future use, or if they turn out fine, I often incorporate them into some other project.  It may seem like overkill, but at least you don't end up wasting a good garment or tablecloth, etc by not testing first. 
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On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 6:49 AM Roberta K via <> wrote:
Hi Jim,

On my 500E, I have definitely done designs that have “multiple threads coming from the same needle penetration”.
For me, that mostly happens with small designs with things like tiny objects that have a lot of fill or heavy outlines. I have had the same issue happen, where I see loops on the top of the design in random spots. So I am another one who has no clue how to avoid that problem. Soooo frustrating!

As an afterthought, there are so many sources for purchased designs (as on Etsy) that it is difficult to tell how good or bad a design is going to turn out. Maybe we need to keep a file of “Embroidery Design Hall of Fame/Shame” for those of us who purchase designs?

Roberta in FL

Roberta in FL

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