Re: About to toss this machine out the window!

Roberta K

Hi Jim,

On my 500E, I have definitely done designs that have “multiple threads coming from the same needle penetration”.
For me, that mostly happens with small designs with things like tiny objects that have a lot of fill or heavy outlines. I have had the same issue happen, where I see loops on the top of the design in random spots. So I am another one who has no clue how to avoid that problem. Soooo frustrating!

As an afterthought, there are so many sources for purchased designs (as on Etsy) that it is difficult to tell how good or bad a design is going to turn out. Maybe we need to keep a file of “Embroidery Design Hall of Fame/Shame” for those of us who purchase designs?

Roberta in FL

Roberta in FL

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