Re: About to toss this machine out the window!

Kathy Strabel

Jim--Thanks again for your advice and suggestions.  The problem is still with me.....

You have almost convinced me that I do not need a new hook race assembly, but----you mention that what I last described is exactly what happens if a design is too dense or the fabric too thick/heavy. My butterfly test stitchout  in not dense at all as you will see in the 2 photos I posted in Kathy's Hoop folder in the Photos section. (The hoop is from a separate issue I was having about a year ago---solved! YAYY!).   The fabric is ordinary quilting cotton with 2 layers of a lightweight fusible, tearaway Pellon stabilizer. This stabilizer has worked well for me in the past, with 40 wt thread top and bottom  and a metallic needle size 12. I am having trouble uploading the other photo I want you to see--it is the same design on the same fabric type, with the same stabilizer as a test I did for another project last year.  The test from a year ago shows much better in the photo due to the colors.  I will attempt to re-post after I take a short break.   So, I really do not think this is a thread/stabilizer/needle issue primarily.  And I really believe in the importance of doing a test stitchout almost every time I use a design.  It has saved me from wasting a perfectly good blank on occasion. 

That being said, I just have to wonder that " IF" all the variables that I have set up are "right", then what else could be causing this very annoying problem?  My machine is well cared-for, oiled regularly, has not been bumped, is very secure in the car when I have to transport it, no one else has access to my machine, my cat is afraid of it and I don't have a dog that might knock it off the table, etc. I have had this machine for almost 3 years and it does turn out very lovely results  when it feels like it. I did not start having this issue until about February of this year.  I use quality poly thread--  Robison Anton, or Floriani usually.  I did find out that this machine does not like Coats and Clark embroidery thread, so I gave that all away.  I change the needle frequently--for each project generally.  The machine does not make any other untoward noises, and nothing appears to be loose or missing.  

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