Re: Second machine for classes

Helen Moslander

Thank you all for the suggestions. I will be going to my dealer soon and see what they have to offer. Hope y’all have a wonderful week.

On Jul 20, 2021, at 11:27 AM, Cheryl Paul <> wrote:

You will get lots of suggestions for a “take to class” machine. However, I’m not sure that Janome makes a machine that doesn’t weigh as much as your S9 or enough to matter for the “take to class” person. I bought the S9 because my 15000 was just to much machine to be taking out for all the classes I wanted to take. I know that the S9 is still quite heavy, but I found it to be really good as it still has a larger embroidery field than my older Janome machine did and I could still manage to take out as it fit into the case I used for my 11000 and could still put a project inside in the space around the machine.

There are many options of lighter weight machines in the 7mm range. There are usually quite a few feet that come with the machine, so sharing accessories isn’t really necessary. You can’t accidentally put the wrong foot on either machine as the foot holder and feet can’t be used except for the 7 or 9mm option. Most optional feet that you might need aren’t that expensive, especially you just purchase what you KNOW that you will use.

Hope you find something that will love as it will serve you well.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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